Note: This is not for Woodland Pond.

Pick up or send email via the internet.

You can use this when your email is not
available through Outlook. 


This can be used on any PC with internet access,
whether inside or outside the hospital.
To pick up email from your
email account, click:

https://mail.hahv.org      *


Instructions to prompts you'll receive:

User name: ______@hahv.org

where ____ = your email account name (such as rsmith or dmorgan)

Password:  (hint: your email password is usually your Windows sign-on password)

In the case that you are using an older version of Internet Explorer or some other browser, you may have a third field asking for the Windows Domain.  If this occurs to you, please use HAHV in this field.


Question/Problems ?  Send an on-line HELP request to I.S.



Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011
To: Everyone at HealthAlliance
Subject: Secure Web Mail now Available!

To those with an hahv.org e-mail address:
We're pleased to announce that HealthAlliance webmail access is now more secure with the addition of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) service!
Webmail users can now use https://mail.hahv.org to access their e-mail from home or any internet connection.
What does this mean?  Your connection to the HealthAlliance web mail server is now encrypted for a more secure and private method of communication.
The old connection method utilizing non-SSL or http will remain active for a few more weeks.  After June 15th, however, we will be forcing all traffic to our web mail server through https.  This will be done automatically, so desktop shortcuts need not be changed.
Attention Smartphone users!  Now would be a good time to change your connection method to our e-mail system, incorporating SSL.  Most smart phones have a simple checkbox that previously had to be unchecked for HeatlhAlliance e-mail access.  To start using SSL, simply go into your e-mail connection settings for HealthAlliance e-mail and check the box to start using SSL.
Please note that this new SSL connection method does not provide total encryption and patient information should still not be sent through e-mail unless specifically encrypted.
Corporate Blackberry users need not be concerned with this change.

Modified:  6/13/11